The Maroons Have Landed. Attention Pier Nation, The Maroons Have Landed

The Maroons Have Landed. Attention Pier Nation, The Maroons Have Landed

I know i said it might be awhile before i posted about this dumb broad again but i swear it’s like she’s competing in the Wire Moron Olympics and getting blogged is the Gold medal. She also forgets some of us can actually READ and when we aren’t talking in the room we can read more and usually all of the conversation.

BackwooodsBarbie lol Nordy Raeney you cant help yourself can you leslie

So this first section was a little after noon today CST ( raeney is mysticzilla in a new wire name).

tacohunter321 seattle psycho shut your face dawebone617 lol taco tacohunter321 sorry room tacohunter321 lol nordygirl4567 theres raeney Raeney what a maroon BackwooodsBarbie gm DM!

Then this next section was several hours later in the early evening (Raeney still talking and then watch near the end and focus on what DooHag says).

Raeney incon turned out to be a

never mind Raeney his haircut says it all dawebone617 we are your past Raeney I didn’t even post to him but he has to pile on with the ‘women’ and im counting dawe.. theyre all the same. keepitmoviing3852 obama took half of chicago around the world on our tax payers money Raeney Drifter I hav to agree with that Raeney and the list keeps growing dawebone617 we are your present BackwooodsBarbie boooooooooooo xoxoxoxo bohunter4 evening chatters bpet4us evening bo turningimperfections hey bo bohunter4 BB lovethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bohunter4 ge Bpet dawebone617 we will be your future keepitmoviing3852 michelle took her family, friends to many countries with tax payer money Raeney no one has heard a peep out of the Clintons tho in the last couple of years they are laying low bohunter4 hey Drifter blaznokla hi my friend hunter keepitmoviing3852 bill is Raeney michelle? are you sure that’s the right name keep? bohunter4 well hell beautiful erz keepitmoviing3852 michael. ok Raeney right keepitmoviing3852 i was being nice Raeney and its always been obvious misssharonmaybe hello turningimperfections hello misssharon Raeney hi Sharon did the weather cool down a bit? (more…)

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