On her behalf price is far above rubies

On her behalf price is far above rubies

That will come across a great virtuous girl?

The initial section of verse ten practically checks out, “That will select a woman away from strength?” The term “virtuous” is actually off an excellent noun definition electricity, abilities, element. Right here it identifies power regarding profile, that’s, moral electricity and you will tone.

Whenever a female possess power out-of profile (worries Goodness, wants insights, dislikes sin), upcoming someone else will need mention and acknowledge so it

In the Exodus we find the definition of utilized of males. Moses would be to select “in a position males” (lit.–“guys off fuel”) such concern Goodness, boys out of specifics, disliking covetousness. In light for the verse we could declare that good virtuous child is certainly one exactly who concerns God, likes information and you may dislikes sin. Moses was to find and acquire particularly boys, as well as the implication is that particularly males weren’t very easy to find. The definition of is even used in 1 Leaders step one:42 (“valiant child” otherwise “son from strength”) and you can step 1 Leaders step one:52 (“worthwhile kid” otherwise “son away from energy”). Contained in this latter passageway (v. 52) we discover that the contrary regarding a great virtuous boy was a beneficial son in just who wickedness is found. Ergo a beneficial virtuous kid are a guy of good ethical fuel, during the exactly who wickedness isn’t found. They are a beneficial godly, God-fearing son. Very plus, the virtuous lady was a goodness-fearing girl–examine Proverbs that have .

The existing Testament spends it term regarding good virtuous woman in the a couple of other areas. Inside Ruth step three:eleven it’s put of Ruth. (more…)

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