You are trying to draw yourself as a macho

You are trying to draw yourself as a macho

This is even worse than the previous point. Firstly, it is difficult for girls to understand what kind of person you are if it is not your picture in the profile. Secondly, the absence of the profile photo causes distrust and suspicion. mer or even a maniac? Decent girls will never agree to a personal meeting with such a man.

Misspellings and mistakes

Sometimes even the best philologists in the world make mistakes. And this is quite normal. Especially, if you fill out a questionnaire in a foreign language. In this case, you should contact a qualified specialist and ask for help with the translation or use online spelling services where you can check the text of your profile questionnaire for mistakes. It is easy and does not take much time. In addition, most single women seeking single men say that illiteracy pushes them away. Moreover, it is important not only to complete the questionnaire without mistakes but also to express your thoughts correctly. Do not write the words in CAPITAL LETTERS, or else you will look like a nervous schoolboy.

No matter how self-confident you are, do not describe your personality with lofty speeches. “I am second to none” does not sound cool but snobbishly and boastfully. How are you going to prove it? If you are handsome – a girl will see it in the photos. If you are smart, you will prove it during the communication. And if you are Leo Tolstoy just in words and not in deeds, then you will remain “second to none” but lonely until the end of life. (more…)

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